Seonyudo Park
  Which is a good day.The sun is refreshing and the clouds are floating, too.This is Seonyudo Park.When weather is good, Seonyudo Park will make you feel comfortable.Please visit the parks in Seoul sometime.It is a series of busy and difficult d..
Travel 2018.07.22 13:58
Deoksugung Palace
  Deoksugung Palace scenery un Seoul.Deoksu Palace in Seoul is a historic palace.It is easy to find the Deoksugung Palace located in front of Seoul City Hall.When you enter Deoksu Palace, you can meet many old buildings here and there.There were..
Travel 2018.07.22 13:50
Wet pine
  Wet pine in rain.One day I saw a pine tree on a very rainy day.Rainwater flows between pine branches.There is a little rain on the leaves of the green.I also see water drops.It was a pine tree accidentally encountered on a rainy day.
Others 2018.07.22 13:44
A cup of iced coffee.
    Have a cold ice americano drink.Fort is the feeling that the weather is really hot, standing in the midst of summer.It is hot and sweaty without doing anything.I remember a cool cup of coffee in this weather.A cup of coffee with ice wi..
MyGallery 2018.07.22 13:39
Memories of the railroad road
  Now the train does not run here.You can see the sculptures of children playing on the railroad tracks to remember those days.People visit here and remember childhood very long ago.When I was young boy, I also played around rail road. Before t..
Box 2018.07.22 13:28
Large jar
    It is a large jar in the Gimpo Airport.When you go to Gimpo Airport, it is a big jar you meet before flying.It is too big to see from a distance.The departure place is just here to go to Japan a while ago.It is a little strange to..
Travel 2018.07.22 13:15