Tteokbokki, Topokki in Seoul.
  I like a lot of Kimbap as a typical Korean snack, but I also like tteokbokki.Tteokbokki is an old-fashioned snack and it is also called Topokki.   Starting in the 21st century, Topokki was developed into different types, flavors, and co..
City 2018.06.17 17:11
Landscape of Yeouido
  Evening landscape of Yeouido.It is Yeouido which is known as financial center in Seoul.I had an evening promise in Yeouido, and I went out on the street and took a picture of the city.Slowly the sun is falling, but the scenery seen through the..
City 2018.06.06 14:09
Temple in the city
    There is a very old temple in the center of Gangnam-gu which is a downtown area in Seoul.It is a temple called Bongeunsa Temple.Bongeunsa is a very old place in history and one of the most famous relics in Korea.There are many people i..
City 2018.06.06 13:58
hammering man seoul
  The largest Hammering Man is in Seoul, South Korea next to the Heungkuk Life Insurance building in the Gwanghwamun area of the city.   Seoul's version of Hammering Man was erected in 2002. It weighs 50 tons and stands 22 m/72 ft hi..
City 2018.05.26 20:42
Oil Tank Culture Park in Seoul
  The old oil storage warehouse in Seoul has been turned into a cultural park.It is a cultural reserve park located in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.It implies the means of stocking up the culture as oil has been saved.Cultural stockpile parks hav..
City 2017.12.25 17:12
scenery of Seoul
  It is scenery of Seoul.If you go up to the sky park, you can see the view of Seoul city.It is a spectacular view of the city of Seoul which spread widely.
City 2017.12.17 16:22