Scenery from the Han River
  It is scenery from the Han River.The river became muddy after a lot of rain.It was the day when the wind was strong.There is a tree standing on the banks of the Han River.It is a landscape surrounding the tree.There is Yeouido on the other sid..
MyGallery 2018.07.22 14:04
A cup of iced coffee.
    Have a cold ice americano drink.Fort is the feeling that the weather is really hot, standing in the midst of summer.It is hot and sweaty without doing anything.I remember a cool cup of coffee in this weather.A cup of coffee with ice wi..
MyGallery 2018.07.22 13:39
My Love's Like a Red, Red Rose
  "My Love‘s Like a Red, Red Rose”-Robert Burns  The roses have long been a symbol of beauty, elegance and romantic love.Roses also represent deceptions and dangers.  A brilliant and bold act of dedicating a red rose for a loved on..
MyGallery 2018.06.17 17:48
Yellow rose flower
  Yellow rose flower. Though many roses are blooming, yellow roses are particularly prominent.Appropriately reflected in the sunlight, the yellow color looks more yellow.The rose flowers that have already smoldered a few times now are getting b..
MyGallery 2018.06.17 17:42
Green and Pine Tree
  One pine tree that I happened to meet. As I was walking down the street, I found a pine tree by the side of a large building.A pine tree standing in the background of a green grass and concrete building is gorgeous in its own way. ..
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The Road Not Taken
  There is a way for a person to not go to himself.If you choose to live, you may think that you have made such a choice, but in the end, what can not be done is life.A long time ago there was another way I could choose, and I wondered what woul..
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