My Love's Like a Red, Red Rose
  "My Love‘s Like a Red, Red Rose”-Robert Burns  The roses have long been a symbol of beauty, elegance and romantic love.Roses also represent deceptions and dangers.  A brilliant and bold act of dedicating a red rose for a loved on..
MyGallery 2018.06.17 17:48
Green and Pine Tree
  One pine tree that I happened to meet. As I was walking down the street, I found a pine tree by the side of a large building.A pine tree standing in the background of a green grass and concrete building is gorgeous in its own way. ..
MyGallery 2018.06.17 17:24
The Road Not Taken
  There is a way for a person to not go to himself.If you choose to live, you may think that you have made such a choice, but in the end, what can not be done is life.A long time ago there was another way I could choose, and I wondered what woul..
MyGallery 2018.06.06 14:37
My puppy, Bichon frise
    It is a dog that grows in our house.The name is a Daebagi (big hit).The breed is called Bichon Frise .On a day off, I took a dog and went for a walk, but the dog is spending all of his time playing with the ball.I walk around with a ba..
MyGallery 2018.06.06 14:18
Waiting for the train
  A long time ago, this was where the train went.But now the train does not run.This is a park near Sogang University in Seoul.In order to record the trail that the train went, a sculpture waiting for the train was built.It seems to express well..
MyGallery 2017.12.28 16:36
Rounded pebbles
    Rounded pebbles are gathered together and look more beautiful.It has been washed in rain and wind for quite a long time and now it has become round gravel.All of the stones were initially rugged, but they changed a lot over the years.L..
MyGallery 2017.12.28 16:22