pyongyang mandu
  North Korean Mandu (Dumplings)   As the inter-Korean summit was held, people's interest in North Korean food has greatly increased.In particular, the number of people who want to eat Pyongyang noodles has increased, and Pyongyang dumpli..
Others 2018.05.26 20:45
Nike Hercules Missile
  If you go to the War Memorial in Yongsan, you can see the Hercules missile.At one time, it was a powerful weapon in battle, but now it can be seen in museums.As the times change and science develops dazzlingly, more and more powerful weapons e..
Others 2018.05.26 20:39
Hello PostBox
  As I walked along the street, I found a postbox that was built at the corner of the cafe I met by accident.A long time ago many people wrote letters to keep in touch, but now people do not write letters.E-mails or mobile phone text messages ar..
Others 2017.12.28 16:46
Winter Park Landscape
  Winter scenery met in park.Winter is a series of cold, lonely days.I found the park the next day after a lot of snow.But the snow has already melted because of the warm weather.I think it would have been nice if I had found this place when I h..
Others 2017.12.25 17:00
Three are beautiful
  The little fruit hangs together.One is lonely, two are happy, and three are beautiful.It is on a tree branch but these fruits look more beautiful.Is it like living the world?I think the world we live together is more beautiful.
Others 2017.12.17 16:37
footprints remain
  Winter has begun.Someone walked in the morning to the snow that we had last night.But the footprints remain.The temperature is so cold that these footprints will remain there until the weather is warm.I do not know who has walked the snow, but..
Others 2017.12.17 16:34