The season of roses has begun
  The season of roses has begun. Now is the time to bloom roses in Korea.From late May to early June, rose flowers bloom the most.In Korea, rose flower festivals will start all over the country this time.Rose flower festivals are already held i..
Others 2018.05.26 20:59
Before grilled pork meat
  Grilled pork meatIn Korea, pork is one of the very commonly consumed foods.Especially Koreans eat a lot of pork belly.It is very pleasant to meet friends and have a drink on weekends.It is also good to have a drink after drinking one week and ..
Others 2018.05.26 20:55
Culture shock, cutting the meat with the scissors
    It is the scenery having a dinner with a normal dinner in Korea.Dinner is served with liquor and meat.Soju is the most famous drink of Korea. In this picture, you can see the scene of cutting the meat with the scissors. It is a very s..
Others 2018.05.26 20:51
pyongyang mandu
  North Korean Mandu (Dumplings)   As the inter-Korean summit was held, people's interest in North Korean food has greatly increased.In particular, the number of people who want to eat Pyongyang noodles has increased, and Pyongyang dumpli..
Others 2018.05.26 20:45
Nike Hercules Missile
  If you go to the War Memorial in Yongsan, you can see the Hercules missile.At one time, it was a powerful weapon in battle, but now it can be seen in museums.As the times change and science develops dazzlingly, more and more powerful weapons e..
Others 2018.05.26 20:39
Hello PostBox
  As I walked along the street, I found a postbox that was built at the corner of the cafe I met by accident.A long time ago many people wrote letters to keep in touch, but now people do not write letters.E-mails or mobile phone text messages ar..
Others 2017.12.28 16:46