One pine tree
  One pine tree standing alone.Pine trees are not gorgeous but give a simple feel.Whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter, it's a tree that gives us an affinity for all four seasons.A pine tree stands alone toward the sky.But everyone who..
Others 2017.11.30 13:00
Cosmos flower of autumn
  Cosmos of autumn.It is a cosmos flower that is blooming in autumn.Cosmos flowers called autumn messengers are easy to see anywhere.Cosmos flowers that bloom in white are beautiful.It is always a flower that blooms in autumn, but it is new ever..
Others 2017.11.30 12:57
The fruits of autumn
  The fruits of autumn.As the hot summer passed and autumn began, the fruit of the tree branches began to run.It is the autumn fruit that I found in a flowerbed near the neighborhood.Autumn fruits are shining in the sun.But when I want to come i..
Others 2017.11.30 12:54
Red bean sherbet korean, patbingsu
    It is time for summer to end, but the Red bean sherbet is still a delicious dessert. Many Korean people enjoy eating a red bean sherbet during Summer. If you are going to visit Korea in the summer, please enjoy this. It will ch..
Others 2017.08.29 13:47
Life Photo Exhibition Seoul
Life Photo Exhibition Seoul     A moment of history is included in the picture.The great times and figures of mankind were recorded in light.The power of a photograph is great.It is used as a medium to summon memories to some people, and ..
Others 2017.08.29 13:34
You have to stop the road
You have to stop the road     We are looking forward to life.We live busy, and we do not have time to look back and forth, nor can we turn around.We think that we living so hard, and we know we can be in front of ..
Others 2017.07.15 18:36