The last leaf
  The last leaf of autumnThe last remaining leaf.It is the last leaf that keeps itself steadily in the way of autumn and winter coming.It looks beautiful while shining in the sun.Now winter has begun.All the leaves that so bloomed are falling, h..
Others 2017.12.09 12:34
At the entrance of Incheon Grand Park
  It is a lighthouse-shaped building at the entrance of Incheon Grand Park.Incheon Grand Park is a large park that can be visited in close proximity to Seoul.Especially in the fall, it shows a magnificent view with many leaves and foliage.It is ..
Others 2017.12.09 12:31
persimmon tree
  There was a lot of persimmon hanging on a persimmon tree at the entrance of the neighborhood.It is a persimmon that can easily meet any neighborhood.Autumn is the season of fruitfulness.I hope that all the hard work I have done throu..
Others 2017.11.30 13:14
A rose flower in the fall.
  The rose blooms a lot in June, and this pink rose bloomed this fall.In the fall, the rose blooms.Although the seasons are different, rose flowers are rose flowers.I can not bloom in the season of roses, and I can not be with many roses, but it..
Others 2017.11.30 13:06
Hello, sunflower flower
It is a sunflower flower which I met this summer.The yellow sunflower is beautiful only.It is one of the largest flowers among the flowers.All the flowers in the world are now time to fall, autumn.It is a photograph taken at the meeting with one sunfl..
Others 2017.11.30 13:03
One pine tree
  One pine tree standing alone.Pine trees are not gorgeous but give a simple feel.Whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter, it's a tree that gives us an affinity for all four seasons.A pine tree stands alone toward the sky.But everyone who..
Others 2017.11.30 13:00