The discovery of the book
The discovery of the book   This is a large bookstore in Gwanghwamun.This is called Kyobo Bookstore, where many people read and buy books.Sometimes it is nice to find this place.The fragrance of the book is good and the good writings written ..
Others 2017.07.15 18:12
Japanese Dining and Izakaya Restaurant in Seoul
kappo KU Japanese Dining and Izakaya Restaurant       Sushi here is very delicious in Japanese restaurant.If you are looking for a clean, quiet and atmospheric Japanese restaurant, please go to kappo KU. This is a Japanese re..
Others 2017.07.15 17:53
Quizás, Quizás, Quizás
Quizás, Quizás, Quizás     Me encanta esa canción.La canción contiene una extraña emoción de un hombre y una mujer.Un hombre está a la espera, ella no responde, canta sentimientos frustrantes. quizás, quizás, quizás ​ 
Others 2017.06.15 22:58
Миллион алых роз
    Миллион роз   It is a reminiscence song when I see a rose flower. It is a beautiful but sad song.There is a story in the song and a story about love that can not be achieved..   "Million Roses", a famous Russian song, ..
Others 2017.06.10 11:23
Pesce Pasta
Pesce Pasta     It is a spicy seafood soup spaghetti that I ate at an Italian restaurant in Yeouido a while ago.Spicy flavor with seafood was very good.It's a lot of fun, but it's best to have delicious food, delicious wine and old f..
Others 2017.06.06 16:09
Symmetry of stairs
Symmetry of stairs     I climb the stairs.I keep going up, and suddenly I look for the symmetry of the stairs.Sometimes life is like a stairway, and what I have lived through is symmetrical.We are all walking on the road.Sometimes I g..
Others 2017.05.28 20:43