Gyeonghuigung Palace
  It is Gyeonghuigung Palace in seoul.Gyeonghuigung  is located in the city, and it shows a strange contrast when facing a modern building.Gyeonghuigung  is located close to Gwanghwamun, which is a must-see place in Seoul.It is a place..
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underground scenery in Seoul Ichon Station
  It is underground scenery in Seoul Ichon Station.It is a passage from Ichon Station to the National Museum of Korea.The National Museum of Korea is a place worth visiting when you visit Korea.The way to the National Museum is convenient to the..
Travel 2017.12.17 16:24
View of sky park in seoul
  It is a panorama of sky park located in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.Heaven Park is a representative park for many citizens of Seoul.It is good in spring and summer, but it shows wonderful scenery in autumn.It is the scenery of the sky of the s..
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I like you very much
  I like you very much.It is the phrase which I found when I walked the sky park.It is written in Korean, but the white lettering stands out against the blue sky.The sky park is a place where many lovers are looking.It is also a popular spot for..
Travel 2017.12.09 12:53
Wall of Deoksugung Palace
  It is the stone wall of Deoksugung Palace.From the main gate of Deoksugung Palace in Seoul, you can meet on the way to the left.It is the roundabout way of Seoul famous for the farewell and love street.There is a myth that if a lover walks on ..
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Beauty in Korea
  The beauty of the roof of Gyeonghuigung Palace.Gyeonghuigung is one of the famous palaces in Seoul.If you go up the road to the left from the main gate of Gyeonghuigung Palace, you can meet the cool roof of Gyeonghuigung Palace.Gyeonghuig..
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