inside view of Korean palace
  Interior entrance of Korean palace.It is the inside view of Korean palace.The sunshine from outside comes into the room.I have been thinking about who lived here long ago.It is now a palace room that has been a page of history and has become a..
Travel 2017.11.30 13:36
view of korean palace
  It is the appearance of Korean palace.The inside view of the palace is quiet and magnificent.Visits to palaces are good during the day, but I recommend a quiet morning if possible.When there are so many people crowded, it is more fun to take a..
Travel 2017.11.30 13:32
korean palace roof
  Traditional beauty of Korean palace.The beautiful appearance of Korean palaces can be found in its color and design.Especially, it is a beautiful wooden building, but the beautiful architectural beauty of Korean palace which is elaborately and..
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View of Korean palace
The panoramic view of Korean palaces is beautiful in any season, but especially in autumn.The bright sunshine of the autumn and traditional Korean architecture combine to make many people's eyes stand out.The palaces of Korea can easily be visited by ..
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Traditional Pattern of Korean Palace
  It is the traditional pattern of the window which can be seen in Korean palace.You can see the frame of windows designed in a constant and unique format.It is a beautiful and geometric art work.If you visit the Korean palace, it is also good t..
Travel 2017.11.30 13:20
Deoksugung Palace Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony program
  Deoksugung Palace Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony program   The Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony is a highly recommended event for tourists. It is held three times a day (11:00 / 14:00 / 15:30) in front of Daehanmun Gate at Deoksugung Palace..
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