Large noodle
  It is a very large noodle that I met on the way.The noodles and chopsticks in a large bowl of noodles look great.From a distance, you can see that it is noodles.The noodle bowl to advertise selling buckwheat soba is very big.When I look at the..
Travel 2018.07.29 20:55
Lotte Mall
  It is Lotte Mall near Gimpo Airport.I went to Lotte Mall yesterday.I went to Lotte Mall to buy one outfit in the summer, but there were a lot of people shopping even if it was hot.Sometimes it is good to visit before you go abroad.Parking..
City 2018.07.29 20:51
Korean Money
  It is Korean money in money box.There are many almost a thousand won.There are some bills that may have been in someone's pocket for a long time, and some clean new bills.There are coins.Very old money and new money together.
Box 2018.07.29 20:46
Artworks2 - IN
  The artworks at the Bongeunsa StationThe title of the sculpture is IN.It is a similar molding art.In busy daily life, it is a work of art that rushes on the subway and meets.Although I am busy living, I sometimes look around.A great work may b..
City 2018.07.29 20:34
Artworks1 - IN
  The artworks at the Bongeunsa StationThe most famous temple in Seoul is Bongeunsa Temple.If you go down to the nearby subway station, you will be able to meet some of the finest plastic art objects.The title of the sculpture is IN.
City 2018.07.29 20:31
The life of cicada
  Lifetime of cicadasEvery summer, we hear the cries of cicadas.It is hot summer today, but we can meet cicadas.Hanging somewhere on a tree branch and crying lamenting that his summer is short.It is a cicada that cries to find his mate by spendi..
Others 2018.07.29 20:28