Beautiful appearance of traditional Korean architecture
  It is a beautiful appearance of traditional Korean architecture.The roofs of palaces show a wonderful appearance when they match each other.It is a panoramic view of the roof of Palaces decorated in a very elaborate and beautiful pat..
Travel 2017.12.17 16:44
Gyeonghuigung Palace
  It is Gyeonghuigung Palace in seoul.Gyeonghuigung  is located in the city, and it shows a strange contrast when facing a modern building.Gyeonghuigung  is located close to Gwanghwamun, which is a must-see place in Seoul.It is a place..
Travel 2017.12.17 16:41
Three are beautiful
  The little fruit hangs together.One is lonely, two are happy, and three are beautiful.It is on a tree branch but these fruits look more beautiful.Is it like living the world?I think the world we live together is more beautiful.
Others 2017.12.17 16:37
footprints remain
  Winter has begun.Someone walked in the morning to the snow that we had last night.But the footprints remain.The temperature is so cold that these footprints will remain there until the weather is warm.I do not know who has walked the snow, but..
Others 2017.12.17 16:34
underground scenery in Seoul Ichon Station
  It is underground scenery in Seoul Ichon Station.It is a passage from Ichon Station to the National Museum of Korea.The National Museum of Korea is a place worth visiting when you visit Korea.The way to the National Museum is convenient to the..
Travel 2017.12.17 16:24
scenery of Seoul
  It is scenery of Seoul.If you go up to the sky park, you can see the view of Seoul city.It is a spectacular view of the city of Seoul which spread widely.
City 2017.12.17 16:22