It is Soju
  The drink that Koreans drink the most, is Soju.If you go to Korea, you can drink the cheapest and easily. It is Soju. Soju is a place where Koreans meet with their friends in the evening and eat a lot with pork belly.Usually in restaurants, ..
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Tteokbokki, Topokki in Seoul.
  I like a lot of Kimbap as a typical Korean snack, but I also like tteokbokki.Tteokbokki is an old-fashioned snack and it is also called Topokki.   Starting in the 21st century, Topokki was developed into different types, flavors, and co..
City 2018.06.17 17:11
Eomuk, Korean Street Food
  Fishcake is called "eomuk" or "odeng" (a wrong expression derived from Japanese word, "oden") in Korea. If you are visiting Korea, it is a good idea to try street food.Especially, eomuk is the typical street food in Korea.It is usually a..
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The Road Not Taken
  There is a way for a person to not go to himself.If you choose to live, you may think that you have made such a choice, but in the end, what can not be done is life.A long time ago there was another way I could choose, and I wondered what woul..
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Bucheon million rose garden
  It's June.June is also called the season of roses.Roses that have begun to bloom gradually from the end of last month are now full.You can see a lot of rose flowers when you go to a million roses in Bucheon city.   As Korea’s largest ro..
Travel 2018.06.06 14:27
My puppy, Bichon frise
    It is a dog that grows in our house.The name is a Daebagi (big hit).The breed is called Bichon Frise .On a day off, I took a dog and went for a walk, but the dog is spending all of his time playing with the ball.I walk around with a ba..
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