Landscape of Yeouido
  Evening landscape of Yeouido.It is Yeouido which is known as financial center in Seoul.I had an evening promise in Yeouido, and I went out on the street and took a picture of the city.Slowly the sun is falling, but the scenery seen through the..
City 2018.06.06 14:09
On the rainy day
  On the rainy day it is the water droplets that are formed on the windshield.It is a hard day to take pictures on rainy days.There are many times when the weather is bad and the subject does not come out clearly.However, there are many scenes t..
Others 2018.06.06 14:06
Temple in the city
    There is a very old temple in the center of Gangnam-gu which is a downtown area in Seoul.It is a temple called Bongeunsa Temple.Bongeunsa is a very old place in history and one of the most famous relics in Korea.There are many people i..
City 2018.06.06 13:58
Lantern festival
  Lantern festivalThere are so many temples in Korea.Especially when you visit Buddhist temples at the time of 'Buddha's Day', you can find many lanterns there.There is an old temple called 'Jogyesa' in Jongno, Seoul.If you go there, you can und..
Travel 2018.05.26 21:05
'Buddha's Day' event
  A few days ago, there was a 'Buddha's Day' event.This is a very important festival day for Buddhists and national holidays.I visited Jogyesa Temple, a very old Buddhist temple in Seoul.There are many lanterns hanging there, and its appearance ..
Travel 2018.05.26 21:02
The season of roses has begun
  The season of roses has begun. Now is the time to bloom roses in Korea.From late May to early June, rose flowers bloom the most.In Korea, rose flower festivals will start all over the country this time.Rose flower festivals are already held i..
Others 2018.05.26 20:59