Beautiful tree-lined street
  There were many people walking the park before the fallen leaves fell.If the autumn leaves pass through beautifully damp streets, your mind will feel relaxed.Autumn gives people time to think.I spend many years looking back on many things.It i..
City 2017.12.09 12:44
scenery of autumn day
  It is the scenery of the blue sky and the tree at the end of the autumn day.At the end of the branches of the tree are fallen leaves to fall.It shows that the wind has not yet blown, and it is almost as if it is falling.It was so autumn.The bl..
Others 2017.12.09 12:41
wild grass in the sun
  It is a wild grass in the sun.It is a picture taken at the end of autumn.The blue sky is the backdrop of that kind of aura.Autumn is the season of ale and leaves.But the beautiful buttocks and the autumn leaves have all faded away.It must be c..
Others 2017.12.09 12:38
Wall of Deoksugung Palace
  It is the stone wall of Deoksugung Palace.From the main gate of Deoksugung Palace in Seoul, you can meet on the way to the left.It is the roundabout way of Seoul famous for the farewell and love street.There is a myth that if a lover walks on ..
Travel 2017.12.09 12:36
The last leaf
  The last leaf of autumnThe last remaining leaf.It is the last leaf that keeps itself steadily in the way of autumn and winter coming.It looks beautiful while shining in the sun.Now winter has begun.All the leaves that so bloomed are falling, h..
Others 2017.12.09 12:34
At the entrance of Incheon Grand Park
  It is a lighthouse-shaped building at the entrance of Incheon Grand Park.Incheon Grand Park is a large park that can be visited in close proximity to Seoul.Especially in the fall, it shows a magnificent view with many leaves and foliage.It is ..
Others 2017.12.09 12:31